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Online Marketing for Law Firms from the Leader in SEO

More than any other profession, attorneys require discretion and attention to detail in how they present themselves online. The sensitive nature of your business means that your internet marketing and search engine optimization needs are stricter. It isn’t just about getting your law firm to the top of the search rankings. You need to target the right market in the right way.

While your offline reputation comes from your legal successes, reinforcing that reputation online takes a bit more outside effort, ideally from a firm that takes their work as seriously as you do. When you work with SEO Legal - the attorney-focused division of top online marketing firm SEO Advantage™ - to create your custom legal website, you get all the resources you need to build a powerful online presence, backed by a team of professionals who have been specializing in online marketing since 1999.

SEO Legal offers your law firm’s website:

Experienced Law Firm Marketers

Work with industry veterans whose extensive experience building and promoting successful legal websites will help you grow your traffic and build your firm's authority online.

A Conscientious Approach

We only employ techniques that respect your law firm's reputation, image and brand. Your online presence will reflect the same professionalism you exercise in your practice.

Full-Service Online Marketing

Our expert copywriters, designers, and seasoned online marketing professionals are dedicated to building and maintaining your firm's online image as the leaders in your field.

Proven leadership means proven attorney marketing success

SEO Legal’s attorney marketing efforts are led by Wes Reuning, co-founder of our parent company, SEO Advantage™. Wes’s philosophy of law firm web sites is informed by years of working with attorneys all over the United States. He not only understands the unique online needs of law firms in general, he understands the specifics at play. He knows that attorneys specializing business law have different needs than those who practice personal injury law, and he understands the unique challenges of both small firms focusing on one practice area and large firms with a broad range of specialties.

To learn more about the specific ways Wes helps SEO Legal’s clients climb to page one in the rankings, read this in-depth interview regarding his online law firm marketing philosophy and strategies.

Our approach to online marketing meets or exceeds client goals time and again

Competition online is fierce. There are literally billions of web pages floating around on the internet, and search engines are constantly changing how they catalog and rank websites. Maintaining top rankings, even in local search, becomes more complicated every day – and isn’t your work already complex enough without having to learn to market your services in an ever-changing, technology-driven landscape?

Our approach encompasses the most efficient, cost-effective, safe solutions for sustainable performance online. SEO Advantage™ is based in Tampa, Florida with offices in Gainesville, Florida and North Carolina, but we serve law firms throughout the US by helping them find the kinds of local leads that turn into clients.

Ready to find out what can be accomplished when your law firm’s custom website and online presence is managed by experienced legal marketers?