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Choosing a web designer for your law firm

As attorneys turn to Internet marketing to reach potential clients, it becomes readily apparent that choosing a web design and promotion partner is an important decision. Indeed, choosing the right legal web site design firm can lead to a boisterous return on investment – while the wrong one can become a drain on resources.

Of course the result of that decision doesn’t show until further down the road. So how can a law firm know it’s choosing the right legal web design and promotion company when it’s time to make that decision?

While certain web design and marketing companies might be right for one attorney but not for another (after all, personalities of the people you deal with also count), we think there are a few criteria worth considering when evaluating any legal web design partner:

Focus on results

If they can design pretty web sites but can’t speak to the impact on revenue for their clients, they may not hold expertise in enough facets to complete the picture for your firm’s performance. You want a legal web design company that understands not only design but also how that design impacts search engine optimization, paid search, social media and more. You’ll find the diverse group of individuals at SEO Legal bring expertise in all these disciplines, as well as tracking and reporting, to ensure your Internet marketing plan meets its objectives in terms of exposure as well as how that translates to revenue.


A one-size-fits-all approach may help cut corners cost-wise, but you’ll also be sacrificing performance in the long run. Custom law firm web design lets your law practice differentiate itself and carve out its own niche online, creating a valuable asset that draws in clients. You should also look for flexibility in pricing, so you can grow your marketing program as your practice grows. SEO Legal specializes in custom legal web sites and offers scalable Internet marketing plans that fit the needs of your firm at every stage.


Ask about the experience of the firm’s web designers, copywriters, paid search managers, social media gurus, etc. Of course, you can find freelancers in many of these disciplines, but then tying together all the components becomes your job, and it’s likely to be more expensive and end up a disjointed effort. You’re much better off working with a firm that has specialized talent that can be called in to address these areas as needed in one team. You’ll find a seasoned team of Internet marketing personnel at SEO Legal.

SEO Legal was created specifically to serve lawyers’ web marketing needs by leading search engine optimization company SEO Advantage. Our team is made up of Internet marketing specialists with over 10 years experience in advertising, website design, copywriting and SEO. We bring each client a relentless focus on results – our clients consistently outperform their Internet marketing goals!

You’ll also enjoy several more benefits when you work with SEO Legal. Find out why SEO Legal is your best option and then give us a call!